Lifting & Tightening Protein Powder Booster Masque

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Restores smoothness, tightens pores and replenishes moisture, suppleness and elasticity. Visibly lifts and tightens the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.



BENEFITS: The Total Facial

Step 1 - is a lifting, contouring, and pore tightening mask. It is in a powder form, and is to be mixed with the Total Fitness
Step 2 - Collagen Concentrate for the final result.

These two products work together to give the firming and toning which many skins, especially mature skins, love to feel. The powder mask is a potent blend of anti-oxidant, soothing, nourishing and strengthening ingredients. Collagen Activator is a synergistic botanical preparation with pure collagen which effectively rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.


  • L-ovalbumin: tightens and strengthens

  • Kaolin: absorbs oil secreted by skin

  • Milk Powder: soothing, protein nutrient

  • Licorice Root Extract: anti-inflammantory, anti-oxidant, skin lightener

  • Zeolities: crystalline hydrated silicates “trap” heavy metal pollutants

  • L-malic Acid: anti-oxidant

  • L-tartaric Acid: anti-oxidant, enhances effects of Malic Acid

  • D-beta-fructan: controls skin’s moisture retention

  • D-beta-glucosamine: promotes better quality collagen/elastin

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