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Many of you know and love Skin Fitness Therapy and are familiar with its core philosophy of treating the skin. BUT for those of you who are just getting to know us, I want to take some time to re-introduce Skin Fitness Therapy and share our approach to treating and caring for the skin.

Our approach to total skin fitness is to work the skin similar to how a personal trainer works the muscles through a precise, carefully crafted fitness regimen. The main objective is to essentially tear the muscle fibers down in order to build new muscles that will be even stronger! Cells have memory. Our bodies are constantly creating new cells every minute of every day. When the cells are growing, they are forming based on memory pathways from the brain and what they remember the cells needing.

For example, let’s take a closer look at pigmentation. When the skin is damaged by overexposure to the sun or heat, the skin responds by creating an abundance of melanin to help protect the skin in that particular spot. Unfortunately, that causes a reaction that is embedded in the  cells’ memory and it takes a specific ingredient that contains tyrosinase inhibitor to communicate to those cells that they no longer need to produce melanin in that particular spot . This is a similar process with all the cells in our body.

When we lift weights, the heavier weights are training our muscles to become stronger. On the other hand, if we don’t lift any weights, our muscles do not see the need to be stronger; therefore, they become stagnant or even weaker. When we are training our muscles to become stronger, we need to reach a point of exhaustion, this fatigues the muscle fibers to break down in order for them to rebuild much stronger and healthier. A personal trainer will also work with us to mix up our regimen to keep the muscles guessing!  As such, our products transfer this well-known fitness concepts to the skin-care field, utilizing unique skin care formulations to achieve total skin fitness!

How does Skin Fitness Therapy achieve total skin fitness?

With our advanced peels, we are exfoliating and stimulating the cells, analogous to causing minor trauma to stimulate a healing response in the skin. Utilizing clean ingredients and scientifically advanced formulations, Skin Fitness Therapy stimulates and retrains the cells to become healthier and stronger, which helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance! We achieve this by performing a circuit of varying level peels through our Skin Fitness Therapy boot camp routine! Just as a trainer alternates different workout routines to achieve maximum results, Skin Fitness Therapy does the same through our unique and comprehensive approach to skin care.

With a combination of nutritional based serums and stimulating peels, Skin Fitness Therapy helps trigger the skin’s natural ability to function properly. By providing an abundance of nutrients that are found not only in our peels, but in our treatment serums, we are supplying the cells with important nutrients they need to grow healthier, brighter, and firmer.


Skin Fitness Therapy combines the best of natural ingredients with scientifically based formulas. Our goal at Skin Fitness Therapy is to provide you with advanced skin care backed by scientific evidence utilizing a natural selection of ingredients in a pure, clean formula. Our formulas are free from chemical fillers, sodium lauryl sulfates, propylene gylocol and parabens.

One of our methods of manufacturing is with “Chiral Technology”. This is a process of purification that extracts the purest form of positive molecules and eliminates the negative molecules(that can cause damage and irritation) out of an ingredient providing the proper fit into the skin’s receptors for repairing and maintaining healthy skin with less irritation.

With “Chiral Technology”, our formulas are four times more active than regular products for quicker, more dramatic results.