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Circuit Training for the Skin

Prepare to embark on a skincare journey like no other with Skin Fitness Therapy, a Florida-based skincare brand that has been revolutionizing the beauty industry for over 20 years. Committed to providing corrective skincare solutions, Skin Fitness Therapy is your go-to destination for achieving flawless and radiant skin, just like how circuit training transforms your body.

Just as your body adapts to specific exercises, Skin Fitness Therapy has designed the ultimate circuit training facial routines that perfect your skin by alternating different treatments. This innovative approach ensures constant improvement in skin health, both in professional facial treatments and targeted home care solutions. Say goodbye to stagnant skincare routines and hello to a dynamic and effective approach that will transform your skin like never before.

Skin Fitness Therapy delivers essential daily nutrients that constantly challenge, energize, and revitalize your skin. With the perfect blend of nature's botanicals and clinically advanced ingredients, Skin Fitness Therapy products are formulated without parabens, harsh chemicals, or additives, ensuring pure and clean formulations that prioritize your skin's health and well-being.

From potent and clinically advanced serums to professional strength enzymes & peels, and specialty treatment masques, Skin Fitness Therapy offers a broad spectrum of products to treat all skin types and conditions. Whether you're looking to address specific skin concerns or simply elevate your skincare routine to new heights, Skin Fitness Therapy has the perfect solution for you.

Experience the power of Skin Fitness Therapy and witness the remarkable transformation of your skin. Say hello to a healthier, more vibrant, and youthful complexion that will leave you feeling confident and radiant. Discover the skincare secret that beauty enthusiasts and skincare professionals swear by, and elevate your skincare routine to unparalleled heights with Skin Fitness Therapy. Your skin deserves the best, and Skin Fitness Therapy delivers nothing short of extraordinary results.

Corrective Results & Natural Solutions – Back to Basic Nutrition for Your Skin!

Experience the perfect fusion of corrective results and natural solutions with Skin Fitness Therapy, where we take your skincare routine back to basics with nourishing nutrition for your skin. Our products are formulated with chirally correct, natural, and organic ingredients, carefully selected and blended to target the epidermis and skin receptors at the cellular level, stimulating its natural ability to crave essential nutrients.

Our advanced selection of vitamins, fruit pulps, enzymes, and acid corrective skin solutions are meticulously formulated to reshape your skin, providing clinically proven visible results in clean formulas. Unlike commercial products laden with harmful chemical additives, Skin Fitness Therapy treatments combine the purity and potency of nature's healing agents, and are free from harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, parabens, fillers, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and resorcinol.

With our unwavering commitment to creating a healthy, youthful appearance, Skin Fitness Therapy provides your skin with "Back to Basics" nutrition using the finest natural ingredients in ultra-concentrated formulas. Our products constantly challenge, energize, and revitalize your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing, while promoting overall skin health.

Skin Fitness Therapy proudly partners with spas and medical offices that share our dedication to natural wellness and result-driven treatment programs. You can find our products at Med Spas, Plastic Surgeon & Dermatology Offices, Hotel/Resort Spas, and Day Spas, where our skincare solutions are trusted and loved by skincare professionals and clients alike.

Elevate your skincare routine to new heights with Skin Fitness Therapy and experience the transformative power of natural ingredients combined with clinically proven effectiveness. Discover the joy of nourishing your skin with clean, potent, and results-driven skincare that delivers corrective results and brings out your skin's natural radiance.

Skin Fitness Therapy Partners

We align with spas and medical offices that are dedicated to providing their clients/patients with natural wellness and the ultimate in result-driven treatment programs. You can find Skin Fitness Therapy at:

• Med Spas
• Plastic Surgeon & Dermatology Offices
• Hotel/Resort Spas
• Day Spas


Christina Church

Skin Fitness Therapy is the embodiment of Christina’s vision to develop a line with natural, eco- friendly treatments and scientifically advanced correctives that produce dramatic results. When Christina began creating products for physicians to help accelerate healing for patients who were having laser treatments, deep and other surgical peels, her vision for a natural and results-driven skin-care line was born. Christina is a pioneer in the manufacturing of skin care products using “Chiral Technology.” Her cutting-edge work in the skin-care industry has garnered her recognition as an industry leader and respected educator in the specific area of corrective skin care.