SkinTensity Advanced BioCellular Sheet Masque 4 Masks Per Box

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Each box has 4 masks.  It is suggested to use 1 mask per week.

Our Bio Cellulose Masque with 100% encapsulation of liposome technology acts as a secondary skin like structure compromising of very fine fibers.

These fibers adhere and sculpt into every area of the skin protecting the active compounds and delivering them deep beyond the skin’s external layer for instantly visible results.

The masque is able to lock moisture into the skin while encouraging superior penetration of key actives, including Stem Cells, Ultra Fillers and Firming Complexes to nourish, volumize, firm and promote collagen production.

After application, the skin will appear more plump, tightened and hydrated!

Featured Ingredients:
Ultra Filler: PrimalHyal; Ultrafiller penetrates deep into the skin to reduce wrinkles and enhance overall texture. Unlike injectable dermal fillers, it helps protect the skin from pollution and UV damage too.

What is hyaluronic acid?
PrimalHyal™ is based on hyaluronic acid (HA)
HA is completely natural and found in every part of our body, including our skin, joints, scalp and eyes. It carries out many ‘jobs’, but one of its key roles is holding water, so it is vital for helping skin to stay hydrated and maintain strengthened elasticity. HA is renewed naturally by our bodies but, as we get older, production slows down and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. Consequently, HA is often used in filler injections, as well as youth-boosting creams and serums. But PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller goes much further than traditional HA..

Deep under the skin:
Ground-breaking and multifunctional, PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller is the very first cosmetic active ingredient demonstrating comparable features to dermal fillers. Our chemists have changed the chemical makeup of the HA so that it penetrates two to three times deeper. The result? Super-fast, visible wrinkle-filling benefits in just one to six hours. In the mid to long-term, it also reduces deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth and improves overall skin texture.

Unlike aesthetic fillers, PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller ‘coaches’ the skin cells too to boost their defenses against daily UV rays and pollution. This means that skin not only looks healthier, smoother, and more hydrated, but it gains a sort of invisible protection too

Ginkgo Biloba Stem Cells: Accelerates healing and reduces water loss holding moisture in the skin.

Red quinoa (Djulis) is a traditional crop farmed by Taiwanese aborigines for over a century. Clinical tests have proven that prolonged use of the Formosa Ruby™ Djulis extract provides long-lasting moisturization for skin surface tissues, maintains the skin's hydration abilities, and promotes collagen synthesis and protects skin against UV induced damage.

Acacia Senegal Gum derived from acacia tree shrub and is clinically tested to give the skin a tighter appearance within five minutes of use by forming a contouring network on the skin's surface to instantly tighten visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Proline can break down protein to help create healthy cells and connective tissues, promoting firmer, glowing skin and reducing sagging, wrinkles and aging of skin due to sun exposure.


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