Introducing Skin Fitness Therapy

Advanced Training Center

Empowerment through Education

Educating Aestheticians on Technique and Protocol for Outstanding Results

People from across Florida and nearby turn to Skin Fitness Therapy when they are looking for the opportunity to advance their skills and learn something new. We have a team of top-knotch educators with a vast knowledge of the industry and own their own business. Whether you are a graduating aesthetic student or a seasoned aesthetician, expanding your knowledge of the latest advancements in your field with Skin Fitness Therapy trainings will take you to the next level.

Incorporating Nutrition, Topical Skin Care & Mechanical Treatments in Aesthetics

Skin Fitness trainings are comprehensive learning and interactive workshops covering the full-spectrum of important information aestheticians and other skin care providers need to know about nutrition for healthy skin.

In addition to teaching various inputs to skin health, these trainings will provide live-model demonstration and hands-on experience



Increase revenue with the hottest treatment on the market today. Learn what micro needling is and master the proper technique. Essential safety procedures, skin preparation, advanced technique and post-treatment care for optimal results will set you apart from the rest. Master trainer.

Date: 06/24/19

Time: 9-4:30

Cost: $495

Dermaplaning + Peel + Nanoneedling

Get hands-on and increase your profit with this treatment that is high in demand. Learn the most effective protocols on how to infuse the right ingredients for outstanding results! Master the necessary skills and technique to properly perform a safe and thorough procedure.

Date: 07/8/19

Time: 9-4:30

Cost: $495

Kit Included

Master the Art of Extractions

Keep clients coming back and increase your client base through referrals. Learning how to properly extract acne lesions without creating damage in the skin set you apart in your practice.

Date: 06/10/19

Time: 10-4:00

Cost: $250

kit included

Master your Waxing Technique

Join us for a comprehensive hair removal wax class to improve your bottom line. Learn advanced techniques to improve your skills and provide an effective, efficient, and comfortable service. Includes all aspects of waxing, including Brazilian wax.

Date: 06/17/19

Time: 10-4:00

Cost: $350


Master the technique of perfect eyebrows. Learn our specialized technique to develop the perfect shape. The color of choice is patient-specific and is mixed using pigments to complement eyebrow hair color and skin tone to enhance your natural appearance and give you the best look. Learn from a Master Permanent Make-Up Artist!

Date: 04/28/19 & 4/29/2019

Time: 9-4:30

Cost: $1800

Kit Included

Hydra Dermabrasion

This resurfacing procedure thoroughly enhances the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously infusing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and rejuvenating solutions. Hydra dermabrasion is ideal for all skin types and target conditions including hyper pigmentation, fine lines, congested pores and rosacea. Learn how to enhance the treatment with a protocol to give you outstanding results!

Date: 07/15/19

Time: 9-4:30

Cost: $450

Kit Included

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