Youth Restorer Serum

HGH replaces what declines with aging in a balanced way. This serum contains energized HGH and nutrients to replace what is lost in the aging process. Fine lines vanish, deeper wrinkles recede and the face undergoes a change of contour.

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BENEFITS: HGH replaces what is lost in the aging process in a balanced way. This serum contains energized HGH and nutrients to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles; skin looks visibly younger within a few weeks. Additionally, energized vitamins, amino acids and a facial toning complex lift and firm skin, improving skin elasticity and collagen stimulation. As a finishing product in a micro-current treatment, this product seals in and continues the enhancing effects of the treatment. Similar to micro-current, our frequencies are imprinted in ozonated olive oil and are generated through light and sound. Crystals are added at higher frequencies, and their strong energy fields can be used to raise our own personal (cell) vibration known as ATP, the molecule that fuels life. It is where our cells get the energy needed to perform its tasks, and when the energy in the cells slows down, the aging process begins.

CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Oxygenated olive oil: bactericidal, accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, activates immune response
  • Energized HGH:   free-radical reduction, stimulates pituitary gland and signals the body to repair
  • Vitamins, minerals and amino acids: energized vitamins – mimic the same molecule as these nutrients, stimulating cell receptors to activate the natural rejuvenation process
  • Facial toning, cell renewal and collagen boosting complex: muscle-toning, collagen-boosting and calming frequencies to rejuvenate the skin


Mist Collagen Fitness Spritz onto face and neck until completely moist. Apply a small amount of Youth Restorer Serum HGH and begin 7-Step Micro Massage Technique.


Ozonated olive oil, energized HGH, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils


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