Pomegranate Wine Cooler Treatment Kit

Refresh and rehydrate your skin with a unique blend of Red Wine Therapy! An almost edible, exfoliant blend of natural fruit enzymes, cherry puree, pomegranates and red wine saturate skin in a healthy cocktail of antioxidants. Increase the vitality of skin with this skin strengthening and smoothing treatment for a more revitalized and rejuvenated complexion.

Skin Types: All Skin Types, Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Acne

Key Features

Revives skin’s youthful radiance. Awaken to a dewy complexion with this silk, rich treatment saturated with Red Wine “The Skin Wonder Ingredient”

5 shots to Prevent Free Radical Damage
1 shot of Wrinkle Resistant Agents
3 shots to Restore Collagen
5 shots of Hydrators
5 shots to Resurface Skin Texture

Firmer, Smoother, Vibrant Skin!

Kit Contents

Lemon Chiffon Cleanser — 4 oz.
Crushed Grapeseed Scrub — 4 oz.
Cherry Wine Face Smoothie — 1 oz.
Red Wine Spritzer — 4 oz.
Pomegranate-Acai-Wine Peel+Date Seed — 2 oz.
Hydrating Cranberry Masque — 2 oz.
Red Wine Re-Vital Serum w/ Stem Cells & Dynalift — 0.5 oz.
Vital C Serum with Ellagi-C & Resveratrol — 0.5 oz.
Firming Red Wine Serum — 1 oz.
Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream — 1.7 oz
Crystal Dew Drops for Eyes & Lips — 0.5 oz.
Contouring & Soothing Eye Gel — 0.5 oz.


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