Let your inner Cleopatra shine…

 In Ingredient Spotlight

Gold has been used dating back hundreds of years in skin treatments. With antioxidant and antimicrobial powers, gold is praised for its ability to ward off UV damage, tighten lax skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration. Gold has the ability to energize and increase skin circulation.

Gold can help rejuvenate the surface layers of the skin as it promotes oxygen transfer, rejuvenating not only the cells within the skin but also rejuvenating the appearance of the skin to create a healthy glow. Gold has the ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and cleanse the tissues of toxins. It can help the adverse effects associated with redness, puffiness, swelling, as well as dark circles developing through the under eye area. It can help increase blood circulation through the facial area to remove toxins from the skin quickly and efficiently. Increasing the blood circulation is an effective way to create a healthy glow; conditioning and toning at the same time.

Our Gold Masque w/ DMAE & Acacia combines the power of gold with other super ingredients for amazing results.

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