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Fall is a time of change. Leaves change colors, the weather starts to shift towards cooler temperatures, humidity decreases, and more allergens are in the air—all of which can affect your skin. This means it’s time to change up your skin-care regime to protect it from the changing environment. Just as we all love to switch up our wardrobe and look forward to fall styles, our skin also needs a little love and switcheroo! Summer months are all about sun protection and oil control; with fall’s arrival. it’s time to think about giving our skin what it needs to heal from the hot summer sun!

pure-oxygen-serum-722x1012-1One of the best ingredients to help revive, refresh and protect the skin in the fall is Ozone. Ozone therapy introduces oxygen to the skin at the cellular level, which has numerous benefits! Oxygen accelerates wound healing, improves blood circulation, re-activates oxygen metabolism of cells, has anti-bacterial properties, and can drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Oxygen is especially essential as we age. By our 30’s, our skin loses up to 25% of oxygen consumption, and by age 40, it decreases by as much as 50%! Oxygen is an integral component for our cells in order to do what they need to do to keep our cells healthy. A paper published by the National Center for Scientific Research states that oxygen reverses the cross-linking of the collagen fibers, reduces the aging pigment, and restores the elasticity in all tissues. In other words, oxygen plumps up the skin, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, and keeps our skin looking young and supple! We can all benefit from this!

Ozone therapy is not only for aging skin, but is great for acne. Oxygen has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which make it great for clearing and preventing acne break-outs. Oxygen helps clear out toxins from the skin and can also aid in relieving redness and inflammation caused by breakouts. Essentially, everyone can benefit from Ozone therapy!

Skin Fitness Therapy’s Pure Oxygen Serum is a must-have item in your skin care arsenal for fall, and throughout the whole year!

How to use this multi-tasking serum

CleanseAnti-Blemish Cranberry Liquid Cleanser or Deep Pore Cleanser Pumpkin & Pomegranate

ExfoliateCranberry Purifying Scrub

ToneCollagen Fitness Spritz or Anti-Radical Toner

SerumPure Oxygen Serum (apply one pump, a little goes a long way!)

MoisturizeRed Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream

SPFSunfit SPF 30

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