Fall is a time to repair summer sun damage, even out skin tone and increase hydration, preparing for the season ahead.

Skin Fitness Therapy combines natures elements with advanced technologies to transform the skin instantly.

Unclog, Refine Pores and Clarify.

Pumpkin/Pomegranate Cleanser
Cranberry Purifying Scrub 
Pumpkin–has a rich source of nutrients and Vitamin A. The enzymes found in pumpkins dissolve dead skin cells and refine pores.
Cranberries–have a natural source of benzyol peroxide to promote clarity
Pomegranate Seed Oil–promotes cellular rejuvenation and improve elasticity.
Zeolites–A natural mineral that has a self-heating action when in contact with water, that helps to improve blood circulation, dilate pores and dissolve impurities

Reduce Wrinkles, Brighten and Boost Collagen

Vitamin A & E Serum w/ Firming Complex–increases cell renewal
Vital C Serum 20%–stimulates collagen and brightens the skin
The momentum of replacing damage skin layers with fresher and healthier ones is supported by a substantial stimulation of collagen and elastin production. This results in reduction of superficial wrinkles and improving skin’s texture and elasticity and lightening dark spots.

Hydrate & Restore

Pure Oxygen Serum–Pure ozone infused into squalane to re-energize, purify, restore hydration and oxygen to cells; plumping up the skin that surrounds fine lines and wrinkles.
Multi-Vitamin Serum–Super charged with Stem Cells and Dynalift. It works deep into the skin for maximum skin regeneration, support and repair.

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