Advanced Power Peel Recipe with Cherry Cocktail Face Smoothie

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Advanced power peel recipe

Shine bright in the New Year with fresh and flawless skin!

Sometimes, we simply need more than the traditional scrub to wisp away dull, lackluster skin! The winter months are a perfect time to begin a more aggressive and progressive approach to exfoliation therapies. Skin Fitness Therapy has the perfect solution to re-boot your skin and have you glowing in no time!

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This ultimate skin peel cream serves 2 purposes – first, as an effective home care peel, and secondly, as a potent baseline professional peel and treatment booster, when paired with our red wine cocktail peels. The potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in this product dramatically transform both aging and acne-prone skin types. Wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, and other signs of aging will be diminished with these corrective ingredients.

Power Ingredients:

Antioxidants are what keep us young by fighting off free radical damage. This product is truly a “smoothie” of skin-loving antioxidants, such cherry puree, lycopene (from tomatoes) pomegranate, red grape seed, red wine extracts, and wild cherry bark extract. These antioxidants also help drastically reduce inflammation-the number one cause of aging—as well as soothing acne-induced inflammation.

Fruit enzymes deliver an antioxidant punch while actively digesting dead skin cell build-up. This gentle method of exfoliation is appropriate for all skin types, and leaves skin softer and smoother.

Natural acids, such as lactic, salicylic, tartaric and malic acid, are superior exfoliants compared to the traditional facial scrub. These acids work in the deeper layers of skin by melting the glue that latches onto dead skin cells. This softens the dead keratinized barrier of cells, and helps to eliminate clogged pores, even out skin discoloration, and aid in oxygenating and detoxifying skin. Because these active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, they aid in carrying along antioxidants and other active ingredients with them. This allows skin to receive nutrients at a deeper level.

This synergetic combination of potent antioxidants, fruit enzymes, and natural acids provides advanced exfoliation to completely restore skin. In addition to being an excellent at-home peel solution, the Cherry Wine Face Smoothie double-tasks as a baseline peel to enhance professional facial services. Our advanced power peels are designed to give the skin care professional a myriad of effective options to boost peel services. Here, we outline a special power peel recipe specifically tailored for the long, winter season !



Boost red wine cocktail peels with following recipe below!




After cleansing, prep skin with 10% Lactic Acid Peel Prep.



Apply a very small amount of Cherry Cocktail Face Smoothie to area to be treated, leave on.



Apply red wine peel of your choice. Either Blueberry Wine Peel or Pomegranate Acai Wine + Date Seeds Peel. Massage a thin, even layer (about ½ tsp.) into skin for 3-10 minutes. Remove with cool water using a towel or 4×4’s.



Rapid Recovery: Cocktail together EGF Protein Complex and Pure Oxygen Serum, apply onto face and neck.



Apply a small amount of Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream to face and neck.

*Subject to customize treatment with facial masque and treatment serums based on skin type.

For detailed protocols or product information, contact your sales representative, or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-375-1112.

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