Energetics Kit (Microsculpting Serum & Collagen Fitness Spritz)

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Sculpt and contour the skin, look younger without surgery or Botox.

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Product Description


Sculpt and contour the skin, look younger without surgery or injections.

Addresses the following: Reduce puffiness, increase hydration, youthful contour more visible, tighter skin, wrinkle disappearance 61%, strengthen skin elasticity 71%, skin thickness increased 68%, skin texture smoother 71%

Micro Sculpting Serum: A complete workout toning and conditioning the face and body. This serum contains energized vitamins, amino acids and a facial toning complex to lift and firm the skin, bringing back more youthful contours.

Collagen Fitness Spritz: Oxygenates, hydrates, rejuvenates and tones the skin. This unique blend of botanical collagen and heavy water maintains moisture longer; refreshing and toning the skin.