Summer Fit Kit – Professional Kit (1 Peel)

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Key Features

SKIN TYEPES: Dry, sensitive, sun damage, loss of elasticity, couperose, dehydrated, rosacea, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

Get your youthful healthy glow back instantly with a sip of our mimosa. A cocktail of Hi C’s to stimulated collagen & strengthen elasticity.

5 shots to Prevent Free Radical Damage
1 shot of Wrinkle Resistant Agents
3 shots to Restore Collagen
5 shots of Hydrators
5 shots to Resurface Skin Texture

Firmer, Smoother, Vibrant Skin!

Kit Contents

Cleanser – Normal / Combination or Dry / Sensitive — 4 oz.
Anti-Radical Toner — 4 oz.
Lactic Acid Peel Prep 10% — 4 oz.
Vitamin C Peel 30% Powder — 2 oz.
Vitamin C Peel 30% Activator — 4 oz.
Pure Oxygen Serum — 0.5 oz.
EGF Protein Complex — 0.5 oz.
Vital C Serum 20% with Ellagi-C + Resveratrol — 0.5 oz.
Cell Tex Vitamin C Cream — 0.5 oz.
Ultra Moisturizing Cream with EGF — 1.7 oz.
Sun-Fit Mineral Skin Protection — 1.7 oz.
Contouring and Soothing Eye Gel — 0.5 oz.
Hyaluronic Serum — 0.05 oz.
Multivitamin Serum — 0.05 oz


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