Cleansing Therapy

Cleansing is the most important step in a skin care routine, as it preps skin to maximize the absorption of nutrients that are topically applied, such as serums and a moisturizer. Many commercial cleansers contain harsh and harmful chemicals known to irritate and dry out the skin. Our cleansers are free from harsh sulfates and are full of skin-nourishing natural ingredients to balance and restore skin, while removing impurities such as makeup and environmental toxins. Proper cleansing therapy will never over-dry skin; the result is soft, smooth, and glowing skin!

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  • Anti-Blemish Cranberry Liquid Cleanser

    Treats acne and oily skin with an all-natural combination of cranberry, sulfur and salicylic acid for intensive cleansing and anti-bacterial action to promote clear skin.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Dry/Sensitive Skin

    Dry/Sensitive Skin – An all-natural, sodium lauryl sulfate free, deep pore cleanser that removes all traces of impurities as it nourishes the skin.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Normal/Combination Skin

    Remove impurities and protect skin with this all-natural, sodium lauryl sulfate free, deep pore cleanser. This naturally lathering cleanser removes all traces of impurities with skin protective ingredients.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Pumpkin / Pomegranate-

    A luxurious cleanser with pumpkin oil for cell renewal and antioxidants from pomegranate oil to soften and hydrate skin. This cleanser naturally foams for a deep pore cleanse that is sure to protect and leave skin soft and hydrated.

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    Lemon Chiffon Cleanser

    This delicately scented shea butter-based cleanser gently and effectively cleanses the skin of all makeup and impurities without altering the skin’s natural ph. Purifying and refreshing lemon-extract tones, sebumbalancing joboba balances, while hydrating shea butter moisturizes the skin making this an ideal cleanser for all mature and dry skin types.