Circuit Peels

With an advanced selection of vitamins, fruit pulps, enzymes and natural acid corrective skin solutions, Skin Fitness Therapy has designed the ultimate in exfoliation therapy to stimulate the skin, while providing essential nutrients for optimal skin health. Our professional peels are enhanced with our Lactic Acid 10% Peel Prep, and may be cocktailed or layered in a variety of specialty recipes to customize treatments based on skin type. With our advanced power peel recipes, you can achieve anything from a mild enzymatic exfoliation, to a moderate or even deeper-level peel exfoliation.

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  • facial peel with caviar

    Aqua Marine Peel with Caviar

    Luminous Skin – Discover the rejuvenating wonders of the sea for youthful skin. A unique blend of lactic, glycolic and the infusions of the sea combine with the latest advanced technology for visibly smoother, firmed and toned skin.

  • Blueberry Wine Peel

    Blueberry Wine Peel (Red Wine Line)

    Collagen boosting properties found in red wine, pomegranate, lycopene, & grape seed extract make a super peeling treatment ideal for mature skin restoring hydration, tone, & firmness for flawless skin.

  • Cranberry peel

    Cranberry Enzyme Peel

    Eliminates dead cells, refines pores & balances oil production, reduces blemishes, revitalizes congested, dull skin by eliminating built-up toxins, overall appearance is a healthier complextion.

  • Hyper-pigmentation Liquid

    natural lighteners are very effective tyrosinase inhibitors and will help brighten and whiten the skin.

  • Hyper-pigmentation Powder

    The Hyper-Pigmentation Peel is a potent combination of natural brighteners such as Kojic Acid, L-arbutin, L-ascorbic acid, Gallic Acid, Licorice Root and GABA.Fruit Enzymes help provide gentle exfolia

  • lactic acid peel prep

    Lactic Acid 10% “Peel Prep”

    This process is especially helpful for aging skin, because exfoliation slows down with age. It allows for even better absorption of all of our peels.

  • Margarita peel

    Margarita Peel with Blue Agave

    Purifying, balancing, and detoxifying the skin, increases cell renewal & softens with lactic acid, digests dead cells with fruit enzymes, rejuvenates and tonifies the skin.

  • Noni Treatment with Copper Peptides & DMAE

    Noni Peel 35% with Copper Peptides & DMAE

    Exfoliates with green, fermented papaya enzymes, improves firmness & hydrates, is nourishing & healing, increases cell renewal with cocktail of natural acids, and stimulates collagen & elastin.

  • Pomegranate Acai Wine Peel with Date Seeds

    Pomegranate Acai Wine Peel + Date Seed (Red Wine Line)

    Multi-acid pomegranate acai peel contains a full complement
    of polyphenols, omega’s and skin smoothing agents. The perfect pairing of pomegranate, wine and
    nature’s wonder food, acai, energizes your cells and tightens
    skin while providing rich hydration and radiance.


  • Pumpkin Peel Enzyme – Powder

    This conditioning routine will give you a smoother, healthier appearance, a firmer texture, it will diminish fine lines & wrinkles, create visibly smaller pores, and reduce acne.

  • Pumpkin Peel Liquid – Activator

    5.00 out of 5

    This conditioning routine will give you a smoother, healthier appearance, a firmer texture, it will diminish fine lines & wrinkles, create visibly smaller pores, and reduce acne.

  • salycilic peel 20%

    Salycilic Peel 20%

    Good exfoliant peel for regular skin. Salicylic is one of the best keratolytic agents out there.

  • Salycilic Peel 35%

    Salycilic Peel 35%

    This is a powerful keratolytic treatment that can serve as a great change of diet to the glycolic acid peels. It is an excellent treatment for acne/oily skin because of the anti-bacterial component of

  • Ultra Pumpkin Peel

    Pumpkin is a vitamin-rich skin exfoliator bursting with natural enzymes, vitamins A, C, E and Zinc. Re-texturize and reveal that healthy glow!

  • Vitamin C Peel

    Vitamin C Peel 30% – Powder

    The Vitamin C Peel is a blend of L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and active fruit enzyme powders to create a stimulating, anti-oxidant mask. The fruit enzyme component digests dead protein, exfoliates.

  • Vitamin C Peel

    Vitamin C Peel 30% Activator – Liquid

    Vitamin E that helps soothe and protect vulnerable areas of the skin as the Vitamin C does its job. It also contains a blend of citric essential oils that are not only aromatic, but also therapeutic.

  • Wrinkle”tini” Kit – Professional Kit – 1 Peel