Body & Massage Therapy

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  • berry scented body butter

    Berri Bliss Body Butter

    This delicately scented shea butter-based lotion intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin making this an ideal, revitalizing moisturizer for all mature skin types.

  • berry scented body scrub

    Berri Bliss Body Scrub

    Make way for new radiant skin with this natural and gentle exfoliant. This scented body scrub detoxifies the skin and helps achieve a smoother appearance.

  • body butter with citrus scent

    Citrus Glow Body Butter

    Citrus scented body butter penetrates deeply into the skin to moisturize and nourish. This invigorating lotion leaves your skin glowing.

  • citrus scented body scrub

    Citrus Glow Body Scrub

    A citrus infused body scrub that gently exfoliates the skin. The natural ingredients dip deep into the skin to help you reveal bright, glowing skin.