Pomegranate Cocktail Recipes

Summer has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun! Fall is just the beginning of the holiday party season, so why not get warmed up with some fall-licous cocktail recipes! Pomegranate is a strong anti-oxidant full of polyphenols that help your body fight free-radical damage. According to an article […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s breast cancer awareness month! What does that mean exactly? Many women are affected with breast cancer each year. I’m sure almost everyone reading this blog knows of someone who has had it or is fighting it currently. Countless lives have been saved through awareness, which has raised much-needed funds to support the advancements of […]

Take a look at the October issue of LNE Magazine for a complete Vino Therapy Guide. Check out the article “The Powers of Polyphenols” by Heather Fowler, our Business Development Manager. The article outlines the abundant benefits of red wine antioxidants for skin health. Cheers! Download the full article Here

Introducing the Fall-licous Beauty Bar Cocktails Lineup!

The Master Mixologists at Skin Fitness Therapy have been mixing things up to design the ultimate mixology recipes, to accelerate exfoliation of the skin with our combinations of natural acids and enzymes. Each Beauty Bar Cocktail facial recipe is a complete treatment protocol designed to give instant, amazing results, with no down-time for the skin. […]

Summer Fit Skin Recipe

  Warmer weather can mean it’s time to take a load off your skin care routine. Heavy occlusive moisturizers can leave you feeling oily and sticky during the warm summer heat. Consider mixing one of your favorite lightweight serums with your facial moisturizer to create a lightweight emulsion. We’ve designed a special mixology recipe to […]