We have 600 muscles…40 are in the face.

When was the last time you gave your face a workout?

The 6-8 week corrective solution for stronger more youthful looking skin. Commit yourself to this strict skincare routine and we guarantee your skin will be glowing.

Why is the FACE-FIT routine effective?

Because you lead a busy life and your time is your most valuable asset…

Get the most improvement for your time and investment by following a tried and true program customized to meet your personal goals and needs.

Any fitness trainer or nutritionist will tell you that the key to successful body composition or physique change, increased strength, and increased endurance is lifestyle change. This includes nutrition, regular exercise and proper supplementation & rest periods.

Because no one ever walked into a gym one time and came out with the perfect beach-body…

Your face is no different. The Boot Camp Challenge provides a series of workouts for your skin that mirror any workout regimen for your body: a warm up, skin-quivalent cardiovascular exercise, skin-quivalent strength training, a cool down and proper post-exercise nutrition and supplementation.

Fusing Science and Nature for High Performance Results

The Boot Camp Skin Care Routine

Each service during your challenge will follow the format of an intense skin workout:

The Warm Up: Pre-Cleanse and Exfoliation

Your skincare specialist will prime your skin for a intense training by increasing cardiovascular activity in the face and gently removing surface impurities and build-up.

Pre-Workout Nutrition: pH Blast

Your skin pH will be lowered to just below its natural acidity for ideal receptivity to living botanical agents.

The Strength Training: The Peel or Enzyme Treatment

Your skincare specialist will formulate and apply a natural acid or fruit derived enzymatic peel specific to the needs of your primary goals. While your treatment processes, your skincare specialist will train the muscles of the face with the proprietary Skin Fitness Therapy 7-Step Micro Massage to actively sculpt and detoxify the muscle tissue.

The Cool Down: Recovery Mode

Your skincare specialist will tame any lingering sensitivity or redness with a custom cool down regimen finished with Sun-Fit Mineral Moisturizer to insure protection from UV exposure post treatment.

Benefits of the FACE-FIT Boot Camp?

The 6-8 week Boot Camp Challenge is the corrective solution for stronger, more youthful looking skin. Commit yourself to this strict skincare routine and we guarantee your skin will be glowing!

    – Detox & Clarify

    – Tone & Tighten

    – Smooth Lines & Wrinkles

    – Lift & Increase Elasticity

    – Plump & Firm

    – Lighten & Brighten


Each Boot Camp Routine service has a 25-30 minute duration. You’re busy…and the challenge is built to fit into your schedule.

Your first treatment in the series will begin with a gentle introductory exfoliation, prepping your skin for more intensive treatments as the series continues. This ensures skin health is preserved and that your skin is not over exfoliated/processed.

As you continue in the program the level/intensity of peel will continue to increase at each visit. This positive challenge for your skin trains your facial tissue to function more efficiently allowing for safer and deeper exfoliation without inconvenient downtime. The result is skin that continues to improve over time.


Will my skin peel? The goal is not to create a visible peeling effect in your skin, however, this may occur with any peel service. Most people experience light flaking, dryness and/or a tight feeling on their skin for a few days post treatment.
Proper nutrition in conjunction with a workout program provides maximum results. The same goes for your skin, skipping out on quality skincare and the proper recovery products between services can have a direct impact on the results you will see.
Your home care plan will change and evolve over the course of your challenge. The Post Peel Kit should be a part of your skin care program for a minimum of 3-5 days post peel/treatment to help accelerate the healing response of your skin while minimizing any dryness or irritation.
Our RAPID RECOVERY products are like a protein shake for you skin. Just like after an intensive work out a protein shake replaces lost essential amino acids and protein, our post-care products are designed to feed your skin the nutrients it needs after a corrective facial to heal, be hydrated and minimize any irritation – think of it as optimum skin nutrition to help your skin function at peak performance!
Between treatments follow the recommended skincare program your skin care specialist designs for you as this plan is specific to your skin type and needs.

A burst of high intensity to:

Resurface The Skin

Pump Up The Circulation (Micromassage)

Intense Hydration & Plumping

Wrinkle Reducing

Infusion Of Peptides & Concentrated Nutrients

How to get started

    1. Purchase a package of between 4 and 8 Boot Camp Routine services to be scheduled at the time of purchase spaced 7 – 14 days apart from one another at recommendation of your skincare specialist.

    2. Commit to taking a before and after photo at the time of each service for use by yourself and your skincare specialist to track and measure your progress.

    3. Receive a complimentary Skin Fitness Therapy Post-Peel Kit following your first service to begin proper supplementation and nutrition at home.

    4. Expect your home care plan to evolve with the progress you see in your skin; and save on your recommended Skin Fitness Therapy regimen.

    5. Following your challenge, maintain your healthy and fit skin with your skin care practitioner. With your healthiest skin, you are free to be the most confident you!

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